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APAC High Value FDI, Trade & Investment Strategies For Economic Recovery - REGISTRATION CLOSING!

A final reminder to register for this week’s FREE webinar: Asia Pacific High Value FDI, Trade & Investment Innovation Strategies For Economic Recovery


The webinar will host 500 international participants - registration will close 19th May.

Please submit questions in advance to allow us to review and add to the schedule (time permitting).

LOGIN: Will be sent to you by 19th May through Zoom Registrations

WEBINAR DATE: Thursday 21st May

TIME ZONE (GMT+8): 9am BKK / HAN / JAK | 10am SH / KL / SG / MAN | 11am SYD / MEL

QUESTIONS: Submit your questions by return


· Adam Jones-Kelley, President & CEO Conway Inc

· Andrew Keable, Founder & CEO, KW Group Sdn Bhd, Chairman GTDW Advisory Council

· Chris Steele, Vice President Advisory, Conway Inc

· Drago Naprotnik, Country Director, China, Conway Inc

· Guillermo Mazier, Vice President Innovation, Conway Inc

CONFIRMED COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING: China | Malaysia | Singapore | India | Australia | New Zealand | Indonesia | Brunei | Thailand | Vietnam | Cambodia | Laos | Myanmar | Philippines | Taiwan | Japan | Sri-Lanka | Bangladesh | Pakistan | Bhutan | Nepal | Mongolia | S. Korea | Hong Kong | USA | UAE | Qatar | Oman | Saudi Arabia | Kuwait | Jordan | Mongolia | Nigeria | UAE | Namibia | PNG


Feel free to message me in advance if we can assist further.

Thanks in advance

Andrew Keable, CEO KW Group

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