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Asia market access for companies who want to build a sales pipeline & test the market for expansion

For over 11 years KW Group have been at the centre of FDI, Trade & Supply Chain Digitalisation in Asia.

We work extensively with Donors, Governments, Associations and Enterprise clients to support FDI, Trade & Supply Chain Digitalisation, Anti Illicit Trade, Trade Intelligence and Technologies. As part of larger global networks we also support regional clients across Asia and The Pacific to expand in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America & Latin America.


Covid 19 has driven a rapid and unprecedented digital transformation, driven by rising consumer classes, a strong start-up sector, cheap and accessible devices, and youthful, tech loving populations who have embraced e-commerce and social media. A digital wave is transforming Asia today.


We work extensively with regional government's - Ministries of Finance, Trade, Economy, Tax, Customs, Health, Investment Promotion Agencies, Donor Agencies, Regulators, Associations and Enterprise networks.

We support Asia Market Access, FDI, Trade & Investment, Customs, Tax & Supply Chain Digitalisation, Track & Trace, Trade Facilitation, Trade Intelligence, Trade Technologies, Healthcare, Pharma & Capacity Building.


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