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Best Practice Technology Solutions for Single Window Interoperability - APEC Publication

We are pleased to share details of the new APEC compendium which takes a detailed look at the current state of the APEC member single window systems focusing on the following:

  • Use of WCO data model and or use of International Standards

  • Messaging technology used

  • Governance (government agency, private corporation, public-private partnership)

  • IT infrastructure

  • Openness to adopting international interoperability

  • How responsive is the receiving NSW to requests from another NSW

  • NSW autonomy

  • Service level agreements

  • SustainabilityFeatures/functionality

There is also a myriad of associations and platforms that are forming or are in place today trying to piece together the challenge of international trade and the issues of interoperability between regions and trading blocs. The emergence of blockchain has led to a sharp increase in trade associations and platforms built on distributed ledger technology. The compendium will take in an in-depth look into some of these associations and platforms to analyze their success factors and if APEC members can accelerate the integration of their  single window systems by leveraging on this technology. 


For the latest on #singlewindow #interoperability #digitalisation & #standardisation of trade technologies join us for GTDW China Trade Development Week, 16-18 June 2020.

Co-hosted with APMEN Shanghai in English & Mandarin with technical translation.

VIP Program (Free) tickets closes December 20th so please register for TFA & Government participation quickly - As part of our commitment to LDC's & emerging governments we provide a limited number of FREE capacity building tickets for government to expand capacity around interoperability, standardisation & digitalisation of trade technologies and anti illicit trade tech & innovations.

VIP DELEGATIONS (FREE) Program is open to:

· Customs & Tax Administrations, Ministries Trade, Finance & TFA Committees

· Heads of Customs, Compliance & Global Trade Management

· Heads Brand Protection, IPR & Investigations (Online & Offline)

· Police, Judiciary, Enforcement Agencies

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APEC Compendium of Best Practice Technology Solutions for Single Window Interoperability
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