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Dentsu Tracking joins EU-ASEAN Business Council - Supply Chain Digitisation & Fighting Illicit Trade

Dentsu Tracking joins the EU-ASEAN Business Council to support supply chain digitisation and the fight against illicit trade with its tracking and tracing expertise.

Managing Director, Philippe Castella said:
"Dentsu Tracking is delighted to become a member of the EU-ASEAN Business Council. As the operator of the European Union Tobacco Tracking & Tracing System, we are a trusted partner for authorities worldwide to help implement digital supply chain control solutions based on data-driven insights across large data lakes. This enables public authorities to view and control supply chain activities, using powerful data insights to reduce the availability of illicit products. We look forward to our membership with the EU-ASEAN Business Council to further their initiatives and outcomes across the ASEAN region."

The partnership is supported by KW Group Asia: FDI, Trade, Investment, Digitalisation Malaysia, as Dentsu Tracking's regional business partner led by Andrew Keable

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