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FDI - What Is A Gigafactory And Where Are They Being Built?

Gigafactories are an increasingly important driver of FDI, but attracting this investment requires a varied mix of incentives.

Another excellent article by Jon Whiteaker, Investment Monitor hot on the heels of Vietnams EV Unicorn Vinfast announcing a $2Billion Dollar gigafactory investment in N. Carolina

The competition for gigafactory investment is only set to increase, with global capacity predicted to be 10 times its 2020 level by 2030, according to research by GlobalData.

Gigafactories are becoming a major driver of FDI

Tesla coined the phrase gigafactory to refer to factories producing electric batteries at huge scale, primarily for use in electric vehicles (EVs) but also for a range of other renewable energy storage applications. The ‘giga’ part of the word relates to gigawatt, as the production capacity of the factories is typically expressed in gigawatt hours (GWh).

The presence of gigafactories in a location can support various associated industries and supply chains. But attracting this investment requires a range of investment promotion tools.

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