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Global Cities Fight For Data Centre Supremacy

Beijing, China, stands out as the world’s best location to set up a data centre, followed by outlier Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, and London, UK, according to the latest fDi Benchmark study looking for the world’s most attractive locations for data centre operations.

The study, based on fDi Intelligence proprietary data and models, benchmarks the 100 cities that have received the highest number of FDI projects between January 2003 and June 2022 to find those with the best cost/quality profile for setting up a modelled data centre employing 30 persons and rising over a 465 square metre plot of industrial land. The model allocated a 75% weight to quality factors and the remaining 25% to cost factors.

However, with data storage becoming a highly sensitive and political issue, and another front of the trade war between China and the US (the study did not factor in the risks of data nationalism), global data centres companies have been cautious about setting up operations in China’s capital in the past few years, with the last such FDI project in the city tracked by fDi Markets in 2017.

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