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GS1 calls for industry standards to enable Traceability

Great to see GS1 taking initiative on much needed standards for traceability in supply chains and the need for interoperability - something we are 100% focused on for the GDTW China 2020 Trade Development Week Program with 80% of our attendees wanting to meet technologies for anti illicit trade, brand protection & secure supply chain illustrating the need for public-private collaboration and better understanding of technologies.

VIEW PAGE - Consumers and Industry are asking for more information about the products they purchase, use and consume. GS1 provides common language for Traceability solutions!

Traceability makes an impact on your business and consumers.

Email us for the GTDW China Program: globaltrade@kwconfex.com or view www.kwglobaltrade.com

GS1 calls for industry standards to enable Traceability

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