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Huawei, Vice President Global Trade Affairs, Craig Burchell Joins GTDW China Speakers

"Tackling the challenges of #Interoperability and #DataHarmonisation - How Can We Achieve Seamless #Digitisation of Global Trade?" - Confirmed speakers on this leaders topic include:
  • Craig Burchell, Vice President Global Trade Affairs, Huawei Technologies

  • Richard Morton, Secretary General, International Ports Community System Association (IPCSA)

  • Thomas Bagge, CEO, Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)

GTDW China Trade Development Week Forum & Expo 16-18 June 2020

全球贸易发展周-中国论坛 | 2020年6月16日至18日中国上海 - Co-hosted with APMEN上海亚太示范电子口岸网络运行中心 (SAOC) 主 - Join leading international and regional heads of Trade, Customs, Compliance & Global Trade Management as part of GTDW China Trade Development Forum & Expo, 16-18 June, Shanghai Pudong.

ABOUT: Craig is an experienced corporate lawyer-advocate skilled at resolving complex legal, regulatory and policy challenges facing business at EU & international levels. Outstanding experience in advocacy and government relations with an impressive network of contacts in major corporations, institutions and associations and a strong knowledge of EU & WTO law and their decision-making processes. Craig has a track record of advising C-suite executives around the world and representing companies to European & international organisations, with experiences in the EU, US, China, Russia, India, Japan, Korea and Latin America.

Welcome to GTDW China Trade Development Forum & Expo, 16-18 June, Shanghai

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