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Indonesian Customs and IBM’s Blockchain Supply Chain Platform

Indonesia’s #customs department is set to be the 11th government agency to be part of the Tradelens consortium after the realization of the benefit and advantage of making use of the TradeLens platform, other countries whose custom departments have partnered with TradeLens includes #Thailand #Canada #Azerbaijan among others.

The company’s stated goal is to facilitate faster #trade and to eliminate altogether paper-based verification processes thereby paving the way for quicker trade and #customsvalidation. By #digitizing the #supplychain industry using #blockchain the country stands to boost its production potential by around fifteen percent (15%).

The president/director of #IBM #Indonesia, Tan Wijaya is optimistic that the partnership with Indonesia’s custom departments will be beneficial to all stakeholders in the entire #logistics ecosystem and it will encourage overall #trademodernization .

The company’s stated goal is to facilitate #fastertrade and #customsverification and eliminate paper-based processes which are in line with Indonesia’s custom and excise service. VIEW ARTICLE


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