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Investment Fiji, Working With OCO Global, To Develop New Trade & Investment Strategy

KW Group: Asia FDI, Trade & Market Access have been honored to support OCO Global on this project to develop a new trade and investment strategy with Investment Fiji led by Kamal Chetty as they evolve to become an IPA.

"Meet our International Consultants | OCO Global

Investment Fiji, in partnership with Market Development Facility (MDF) is working with OCO Global, a leading international firm based out of the #UK, to develop a new trade and investment strategy.

OCO Global has over 20-years’ experience in #FDI & #trade advisory services, and has worked on similar strategies for IPAs including Invest Victoria, UK Department of International Trade and the Curacao Investment & Export Promotion Agency.

We are deeply grateful for OCO Global's and MDF's support, and we thank them for the successful completion of the validation workshop held at the Grand Pacific Hotel yesterday.

Over 80 Government and private sector key representatives attended the workshops, providing valuable input and insights for us to consider as we transition into an IPA.

After a week-long consultation and meetings, the OCO Global representatives, Mr. Joe Philips (UK), Ms. Noha Al Dhahri (#UAE) and Mr. Danilo Batinga (UAE) will depart the country from tonight.

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