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Kenya Anti-Counterfeit Authority seized over $50Million US of substandard goods over last year

Kenya's Anti-Counterfeit Agency has seized over Sh5 billion ($50 Million USD) worth of substandard goods and destroyed Sh2 billion worth of #counterfeits over the past year, it said yesterday.

The authority's chief executive Elema Halake said currently, fast-moving goods such as electronics, cosmetics, stationery, and food products are the most targeted by #counterfeiters. “On Friday we will destroy counterfeit goods valued at Sh100 million seized at the Mombasa Port,” he said. “The anti-counterfeit mark of genuine [products] is a mark which we are going to work together with KeBS and KRA to make sure we have a common stamp that will be fixed on a product to take care of government concerns as far as revenue or a counterfeit issue is concerned,” Halake said. ---------- Join us at #GTDWChina Anti Illicit Trade, Brand & IPR Protection Conference 16 - 18 June 2020, Shanghai for high level discussions on #brandprotection #antiillicittrade #tradefacilitation #authentication #trackandtrace #transnationalcrime #intellectualproperty #IPR #criminalnetworkinvestigation #onlinemonitoring #productsecurity #supplychainsecurity #traceability


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