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LOGINK China Joins International Port Community Systems Association

Congratulations to GTDW Advisory Council Member Richard Morton, Secretary General & Hans Rook, Chairman, IPCSA for extending membership to include LOGINK China.

LOGINK, the national public information platform for transportation and logistics of the People’s Republic of China, has formally joined the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA). IPCSA and LOGINK (National Logistics Information Platform) already had a close relationship – since 2017, the two organisations have worked together to develop innovative IT solutions for trade facilitation, cooperating on technical and other issues.

Now LOGINK has been welcomed as IPCSA’s newest member, following an agreement signed at the Port Technology International Smart Digital Ports Conference held in Rotterdam on 5-6 November 2019.

Instructed by the Chinese Ministry of Transport, China Transport Telecommunications and Information Center (CTTIC) which is committed to construct and develop LOGINK to improve logistics digitalisation at home and abroad, LOGINK’s mission covers three broad areas: standard setting, information interchanging and data services.

In standards setting, LOGINK develops technical standards for logistics information sharing and publishes “Standards for transportation logistics information interconnection & sharing”.

In information exchange, LOGINK provide data interchanging service to support efficient information sharing for the supply chain based on its information sharing standard.In data services, LOGINK provides a one-stop enquiry service for public logistics information and provides data resources covering 23 catalogues of logistics public information to support Big Data applications.

LOGINK is also proactive in terms of international cooperation, notably as one of the three partners (China, Japan, Republic of Korea) of NEAL-NET (the North East Asia Logistics Information Service Network).

In cooperation with IPCSA, LOGINK has expanded its logistics information sharing service to Europe; it has connected the Port of Barcelona, Port of Abu Dhabi and is working in cooperation with the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremen and Hamburg. In addition, a logistics information sharing network along the Belt and Road Initiative region is under construction.

In October this year, the Logistics Visibility Task Force initiated by IPCSA, LOGINK and Alibaba, to work on the standardisation of data and data exchange, launched a new report: “Enabling Logistics Visibility by Interconnecting Logistics Information Service Systems in a Standardised Way”.

The report analyses the benefits of global visibility to logistics data service providers and their customers, and the standardisation requirements for data interchange in regional logistics information systems, and provides potential application use cases and services. It encourages all related parties to participate in the development and implementation of the international standardisation work.

“We are delighted to welcome LOGINK as a new member of the International Port Community Systems Association,” said IPCSA secretary general Richard Morton. “In signing our MoU two years ago, both IPCSA and LOGINK recognised that we had many things in common. Since then, we have worked together on logistics data and the exchange of that information across the world. We are proud of our achievements so far and will continue to work across our membership to develop new integrated solutions for trade facilitation.”


IPCSA Members are entitled to a 15% discount on attending GTDW China Trade Development Week, 16-18 June, Shanghai. The largest global CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION for safe, smart & secure trade, trade facilitation & anti illicit trade.

Photo (From left to right): Wu Yizhou – Public Service Director, LOGINK, Dr SUN Tengda –Director General, LOGINK, Hans Rook – Chairman, IPCSA, Mr YIN Lin – Deputy Director General, CCTIC, Alice Yang – LOGINK, Richard Morton – Secretary General IPCSA
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