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Supporting Asia FDI, Trade & Market Access - New Partnerships Announced

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

As part of our commitment to Asia FDI, Trade, Export and Market Access we are pleased to announce new regional partnerships to support Governments, Chambers and Businesses to access and grow across Asia Pacific:

- OCO Global (UK)

- Dentsu Tracking (Switzerland)

- EU-ASEAN Business Council - Representation of Dentsu Tracking

Why Asia Pacific?

By 2030 65% of the worlds middle-class consumers will be found in Asia and it is forecast that ASEAN will become the world’s fourth-largest economy with a roughly $4 trillion USD consumer market. ASEAN is poised to become a dramatic consumption opportunity, driven by four mega-forces: strong demographic trends; rising income levels; geopolitical shifts increasing foreign investment; and digital advances opening new consumer markets.

Why KW Group?

Established 2010, KW Group Consulting & Events is a trusted partner for Asia FDI, Trade, Export and Market Access. We work closely with Donors, Governments, Associations & Enterprise Clients across the region on FDI, Trade & Economic Development Strategy, Export & Market Access, Anti Illicit Trade, Customs, Tax & Government Supply Chain Digitalisation projects through Consulting, Events & Intelligence.

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