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TAPA - Cargo Thefts Exceed €80M In 9 Months

Released today, TAPA’s latest quarterly Incident Information Service (IIS) data shows €80 million of products stolen from supply chains in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. With major losses averaging €1.3m this is a disturbing statistic for manufacturers and logistics service providers

… but, if intelligence on every cargo crime was reported to our IIS database, we know the total figure would be far, far more dramatic. TAPA is part of a group of business associations in Germany that estimated the cost of cargo thefts nationally to be some €2.1bn a year, while the European Parliament’s estimate some years ago, valuing the impact at €8.2bn annually in Europe alone, is still widely accepted by supply chain security professionals.

TAPA gathered intelligence on cargo losses in 22 countries in the EMEA region in Q3/19. France and the Netherlands recorded the highest number of crimes in the Association’s IIS database in this reporting period, due largely to the support and crime information given to  TAPA EMEA by law enforcement agencies in both countries. France saw a total of 146 actual or attempted cargo thefts, 24.5% of the Q3/19 total, while the Netherlands accounted for 136 or 22.8%.


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