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Top ten global FDI locations for cybersecurity

The past ten years have seen cybersecurity become an issue affecting both corporations and individuals, but which cities attract the most FDI in this field?

Accelerated global digitalisation, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis, has led to an accompanied rise in cybercrime. Global cybersecurity revenues will see strong growth, reaching $198bn by 2025, up from $125.5bn in 2020, according to GlobalData’s thematic research team.

This figure includes software, hardware and services. GlobalData predicts the strongest growth in software, which will increase from $52.1bn in 2020 to $96.5bn in 2025 – representing a compound annual growth rate of 13%.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in IT and software services is the leading sector for global cross-border investment, making the rapidly growing subsector of cybersecurity a focus for locations vying to capitalise on this growth – but which global hubs are succeeding in attracting the most FDI in cybersecurity?

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