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Unleashing the Power of FDI for Gender Equality 💥

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has immense potential to accelerate progress towards #GenderEquality, but is this promise being fulfilled? By Heather Taylor-Strauss, economist and FDI lead at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

In my latest piece for fDi Intelligence, I dive deep into the crucial need for data and evidence to validate FDI's transformative impact on women's empowerment. Gender specialists, FDI authorities, policymakers - this is a must-read as we approach the UN's summit on catalyzing action for #SDG5 later this month in New York. It's time to move beyond assumptions. Rigorous case studies, impact assessments, and gender-focused metrics are essential to channeling FDI as a driving force for:

✨ Closing gender pay gaps

✨ Promoting women's leadership

✨ Providing inclusive opportunities

✨ Advancing gender-responsive policies

Read, share your perspectives, and join the call for building and disseminating a compelling evidence base at the FDI project level to leverage the full potential of #FDI for #WomenEmpowerment #InvestmentPromotion #GenderLens #EconomicDevelopment #GlobalGoals

And let's also take a moment today - on #internationalwomensday2024 to applaud all those the investment promotion agencies (Investment Fiji Pakistan Board of Investment @Malaysia Development Authority Invest India InvestChile Philippine Board of Investments (BOI)) and FDI practitioners (Stephania Bonilla-Feret Phd ambreen iftikhar Vanessa Séverin

Andreas Dressler Michelle Wong Kathryn Rothwell Laura Figón Tom Becker Musarat Ali Dr. Kim J. Zietlow) who are all pioneering and pushing for integrating gender into investment promotion, attraction, and facilitation. Together we are paving the way and encouraging others to #domore! (and of course apologies for all those that I may have missed in the tags!)

Unleashing the Power of FDI for Gender Equality
Unleashing the Power of FDI for Gender Equality


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