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Your Partner In Asia - FDI, Trade, Economic Development & Market Access

Annually KW Group support over 100+ businesses & government entities with inbound and outbound APAC FDI, trade, market access & tradetech projects on a full-time & project basis.

"By 2030 65% of the world's middle-class consumers will be found in Asia. It is forecast that ASEAN will become the world’s fourth-largest economy with a USD 4 trillion consumer market."

Established 2010 we work with regulators, donors, governments & businesses to support Asia trade & investment, FDI, market access, research, policy & trade technology. We have extensive start-up/scale-up experience & networks with investors, governments, multipliers, and businesses across the Asia Pacific.

We are delighted to support market development and market access in the Asia Pacific region as your trusted partners.

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